My first of Summer 2015. The Calaguas Hullabaloo experience.

And I am back. After 12 months, I finally have that "motivation" to post something again here. :) Maybe, it's from that joy after an unforgettable summer getaway. A trip that holds a set of many firsts. 

It's true when they say that there's always a first time for everything, especially in travel. And I am more than happy that I started my Summer with a bang. 

Calaguas Island has been in my list of must-see places since I first heard it from a colleague in 2012. And I'm more than happy that I finally made that happen with some friends at work. 

As I mentioned, this trip made me experience a lot of FIRSTS. :)

1. That first trip to Bicol
2. That 14-hour bus ride (to and from Daet)
3. That 4-hour boat ride (to and from the island)
4. That camp style experience
5. That feeling of being detached from the world for 24 hours or less because there was no signal in the island

It was indeed one epic experience. 

When I first planned this trip, I was too hesitant to go there by bus, just thinking about the danger that we could face on a 7-hour bus ride at night till the wee hours of the morning made me a scaredy-cat. But thanks to DLTB's greyhound bus, it was a very relaxing 14-hour ride, the lazy boy-like seat was perfect  (it was indeed the right choice to pay that extra 300 bucks for 14 hours of comfort). 

Too excited we cannot hide our smiles. :)

When we got to Daet by around 5:30 AM of March 14, we were already prepared for that Hullabaloo adventure. Riding a bus, a tricycle, a van, and a boat in one morning was already an experience in itself. That two hours in the boat proved to be a bit of a challenge for me too. I have that sea sickness and there got a point, especially on our boat ride going back to the port, when I felt that jumping off the boat was the only way I could stop the dizziness. But the site was just too captivating, I couldn't afford to sleep the entire time. 

After two hours, we finally set foot on the island. And have proven that the pictures I've seen and have shown to my friends were indeed true, no filter needed. It was too awesome for words. We cannot contain our excitement the moment we got off the boat. 

Let these pictures speak for themselves. 

Since we had limited time in the island, I made sure I basked in the sun and seized the hours that we were there. From kayaking to trekking two different hills in two days, and enjoying the buffet that the organizing group prepared for us. Hassle-free indeed. 

But there's one thing I failed to enjoy that night, the free cocktails from the mobile bar. Due to lack of decent sleep and restlessness since the day before our trip, my eyes shut down as early as 10pm. The next time I'll go there, I'll make sure I'll take advantage of the free drinks. :)

And aside from swimming in the Boracay-like water in Calaguas (I think it's cleaner and more beautiful in here), one of the other highlights of our trip were the two hill treks. No words can best describe that masterpiece we saw. It's as if God unfolded two little surprises right before our eyes.

Taken from my phone, no filter was used. This is just simply captivating. 

Caption this. 

And for a hassle-free Calaguas trip, I highly consider you avail of Kuya Melvic's Calaguas Hullabaloo package . His group is so accommodating, all meals were superb. My PR skills even led me to sleeping solo in my own tent because Tigs (hope I spelled it right) was too kind to lend me an extra one. Good job Maki. :)

I could go and on and on here about how amazing that trip was but I might bore you. Watch this video instead for this pretty sums up what an awesome weekend it had been. :)

It was indeed ONE FUN TRIP. :)

SuMmeR in Calaguas :)